A bit about me. 

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After caring for many families and households over the years, I took the advice of my clients and started Royal Assistant. Over and over again, I heard that my skill set and trustworthy character was such that others could truly benefit from my help.

From an early age I new I would be destined to take care of others. Throughout high school I worked exclusively with children and adults with disabilities, in a variety of settings. Upon graduation I was recruited by the Shoreline School District to help students with special needs in the classroom. I discovered so much joy working with the students and their families.

In my early 20’s I found myself working for Northwest Hospital caring for the children of doctors, nurses and staff where I was quickly recognized as a reliable and trustworthy companion to their children. Soon to follow I was working directly with the families of prominent surgeons providing them with personal assistance, household management, domestic services, and childcare.

I have a steady desire to simply help others. I’ve managed everything under the sun from the household to family travel, and from party planning to personal and domestic services. Words often used to describe me include trustworthy, honest, reliable, dependable, kind and sincere.

When you begin to wonder how your going to complete all of the tasks you have on your plate, consider contacting me so that you can get back to the more important things in life.